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1 . _______ is referred to as "the father of research on teaching"?
A. N. L. Gage  B. David Berliner
C. Egon Brunswik D. Donald T. Campbell

2 . The main purpose of research in education is to _________
A. Increase social status of an individual 
B. Increase job prospects of an individual
C. Help in the personal growth of an individual
D. Help the candidate become an eminent educationist

3 . _______ refers to inferring about the whole population based on the observations made on a small part.
A. Pseudo-inference B. Objective inference
C. Inductive inference D. Deductive inference

4 . Sampling is advantageous as it ________
A. Saves time
B. Helps in capital-saving
C. Both (a) and (b)
D. Increases accuracy

5 . Random sampling is helpful as it is __________.
A. Reasonably accurate 
B. Free from personal biases
C. An economical method of data collection
D. All the above



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