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471 . The creative potential can be improved by :
A. Proper Training B. Competitive feeling
C. Activity D. Punishment

472 . 'Decision-Making' is a kind of :
A. Thinking B. Memory
C. Perception D. Problem solving

473 . The term 'gene' for the factors controlling heredity was coined by -
A. T.H. Morgan B. Hugo de vries
C. Gregor-Mendal D. W. Johannsen

474 . Psychology is directly concerned with human behaviour, was said by ___________.
A. Ivan Pavlov B. B. F. Skinner
C. Albert Bandura D. Edward Thorndike

475 . What is the origin of the word Education?
A. ‘E’ and ‘Catum’
B. Edu and ‘Catum’
C. Word ‘Educate’
D. None of these.



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