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466 . International Institute of Educational Planning is at
A. Paris B. New Delhi
C. London D. New York

467 . DIET stands for
A. District Institute of Education and Training
B. District Institute of Elementary Training
C. District Institute of Educational Technology
D. District Institute of Elementary Teachers

468 . Thumb sucking, Nail biting etc, similar actions are due to:
A. Pleasure seeking B. Training
C. Habit D. Anxiety

469 . It takes a maturation of ........................ months for the child to take his first step in walking.
A. 5 to 6 B. 10 to 12
C. 4 to 5 D. 0 to 2

470 . Creativity refers to :
A. A new production B. Raw production
C. Repetition D. All the above



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