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456 . The trial and error method of instruction is best enhanced by:
A. the developmental lesson
B. programmed instruction
C. role playing
D. independent study

457 . The evaluation of personality is best made through the use of an :
A. survey test B. inventory test
C. projective test D. preference test

458 . The current movement of behavior modification, wherein tokens are awarded for correct responses, is a reflection of:
A. Thorndike’s Law of Effect
B. Thorndike’s Law of Exercise
C. Herbart’s Five Steps
D. Lock’s Tabula rasa

459 . The professional requirement of a teacher as explained in the UNESCO publication is/are
A. innovativeness in approach and teaching strategies
B. mastery over the subject and competency for teaching
C. justice to the profession 
D. All of the above

460 . Kindergarten (KG)system of education is indebted to
A. Spencer B. Froebel
C. Dewey D. Plato



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