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41 . Experimental designs are characterized by:
A. Normative data
B. Controlled conditions
C. Automated Stimulation
D. All of the above

42 . Research findings that explain behavior under many conditions are:
A. Generalizable B. Valid
C. Reliable D. All of the above

43 . It is important that basic sensory capacities are developing properly because:
A. They are the basis for learning
B. If not, emotional development may be comprised
C. Social interaction depends on them
D. All of the above

44 . Habituation:
A. Develops through interpersonal interaction
B. Relies on good vision
C. Is based on the fact that attention declines as an event is presented repeatedly
D. Is important for development of sucking

45 . The Bayley Scales of Infant Development:
A. Are the most widely used method of assessing infant developmental level
B. Indicates an infant's abilities relative to others of the same age
C. Measures mental and motor capacities
D. All of the above



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