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36 . The motive of the concept of curricular flexibility is to benefit
A. Disabled students B. Minority students
C. Reserved castes D. All of these

37 . Which of the following is not considered a tool for formative assessment
A. Oral questions B. MCQ
C. Assignments D. Projects

38 . What do you understand by the term Peer Group ?
A. People of same profession
B. Friends and acquaintances
C. Family members and relatives
D. All of these

39 . A problem child has
A. Pampering guardians B. Hereditary problems
C. IQ problems D. Physical problems

40 . A research technique in which researchers obtain information about an infant's spontaneous behavior is:
A. Standardized developmental testing
B. Experimental designs
C. Naturalistic observation
D. Newborn neurobehavioral exams



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