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26 . What factor influence a healthy growth of a child
A. One way love
B. Parent's balanced behavior
C. According to environment
D. Good food

27 . If a mother shows much love,then a child's personality will develop
A. One way  B. Two way
C. Multi dimention D. Abnormal way

28 . Early experiences determine late personality characteristics of social development. This was maintained by
A. Atkinson   B. Morgan
C. Freud D. Semmul

29 . Who said "children have innate inclination to imitate their seniors, both in mental and social development"?
A. Lindzey B. Festinger
C. Espinas D. Baldwin

30 . The most difficult age for the development of a child is -
A. Early childhood B. Teen age
C. Young age D. Adult age



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