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11 . The thinking process involved in producing an idea or concept that is new, original and useful is termed as–
A. Creativity B. Innovation
C. Intelligence D. Synectics

12 . Which of the following is NOT an example of discrete variable?
A. Age B. Gender
C. Marital status D. Place of residence

13 . Ramesh and Ankit have the same IQ of 120. Ramesh is two years younger than Ankit. If Ankit is 12 years old, then the mental age of Ramesh is-
A. 9 years B. 10 years
C. 12 years D. 14 years

14 . What is the aim of education?
A. All round development of the personality of a child.
B. Moral development of a child.
C. Ability to read, write and do arithmatic.
D. To gain knowledge.

15 . What turns the single fertilized egg into a full fledged adult?
A. Parent's nourishment.
B. Enviornment.
C. Cycle of the growth and development.
D. Interaction with the outside world



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