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6 . According to Psychology, all education is
A. Deliberate B. Functional
C. Purposive D. Self -education

7 . The best definition of Educational Psycho­logy is a study of teaching and learning” has been given by
A. W. Kolesnik B. James Ross
C. Charles E. Skinner D. N.L. Munn

8 . Curriculum is
A. Course
B. syllabus
C. Co-curricular Activities
D. Over all activities of an institution

9 . A development perspective involves concern with changes occurring over time in–
A. Form B. Rate
C. Sequence D. All of these

10 . Which one of theories of intelligence advocates the presence of general intelligence 'g' and specific intelligence's' ?
A. Anarchic theory
B. Guilford's theory of intellect
C. Spearman's two factor theory
D. Vernon's hierarchical theory



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