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41 . Which statement is not correct about the “National Education Day” of India?
A. It is celebrated on 5th September every year.
B. It is celebrated on 11th November every year.
C. It is celebrated in the memory of India’s first Union Minister of Education, Dr. Abul Kalam Azad.
D. It is being celebrated since 2008

42 . Deemed Universities declared by UGC under Section 3 of the UGC Act 1956, are not permitted to
A. offer programmes in higher education and issue degrees.
B. give affiliation  to  any  institute of higher education.
C. open off-campus  and off-shore campus  anywhere  in  the country and overseas respectively without the permission of the UGC
D. offer distance education programmes  without the approval  of  the  Distance Education Council

43 . The e-content generation for undergraduate courses has been assigned by the Ministry of Human Resource Development to
B. Consortium for Educational Communication
C. National Knowledge Commission
D. Indira Gandhi National Open University

44 . Who heads the committee, constituted by the Government of India, to draft the New Education Policy
A. TSR Subramanian B. V K Saraswat
C. Sam Pitroda D. Yash Pal

45 . Who was the first Chairman of University Grant Commission?
A. Prof. Yash Pal B. Prof. S.S. Bhatnagar
C. Prof. D.S. Kothari D. Dr. Manmohan Singh



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