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31 . Who among the following created the office of the District Collector in India ?
A. Lord Cornwallis
B. Warren Hastings
C. The Royal Commission on Decentralisation
D. Sir Charles Metcalfe

32 . The aim of value education to inculcate in students is
A. the moral values B. the social values
C. the political values D. the economic values

33 . Indicate the number of Regional Offices of University Grants Commission of India.
A. 7 B. 2
C. 8 D. 3

34 . The first Open University in India was set up in the State of
A. Andhra Pradesh B. Delhi
C. Himachal Pradesh D. Tamil Nadu

35 . Most of the Universities in India are funded by
A. the Central Government
B. the State Governments
C. the University Grants Commission
D. Private bodies and Individuals



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