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111 . The Fergusson College at Pune was founded in 1885 by:
A. The Social Service League
B. The Servants of India Society
C. The Deccan Education Society
D. Poona Sarvajanic Sabha

112 . Who of the following set up Mahila Arya Samaj to improve Women’s Education?
A. Pandita Ramabai B. Sister Nivedita
C. D.K. Karve D. G.S. Agarkar

113 . Which one of the following policy document was called the ‘Magna Carta’ of Western education system in India?
A. Ma Caulay’s Minute of 1835
B. Indian Education Commission Report of 1882
C. Charles Woods Despatch of 1854
D. Releigh Commission Report of 1902

114 . From whose accounts do we know about the functioning of the Nalanda University?
A. Megasthenes B. Hiuen-Tsang
C. Bana D. Fa-hien



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