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96 . Education falls under the
A. Fundamental Rights
B. State List
C. Concurrent List
D. Constitution of India

97 . Which part of Indian Constitution allows every citizen to impart education as per ones own religion ?
A.  Democratic rights
B. Fundamental Rights
C. Directive Principles
D. Concurrent list of centre and the States

98 . Which of the following Commission first decentralized the primary education?
A. Kothari Commission B. Sadler Commission
C. Hunter Commission D. Mudaliar Commission

99 . According to 2011 Census Report, the difference between literacy rates of men and women in India is about
A. 10% B. 17%
C. 22% D. 28%

100 . 10+2+3 year structure of education was proposed by ____________ ?
A. Education Commission, 1964
B. Ramamurti Committee, 1990
C. Secondary Education Commission, 1952
D. University Education Commission, 1948



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