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6 . Kothari Commission was formed under Education Minister
A. Abdul Kalam Azad B. K.L. Shrimali
C. M.C. Chagala D. K.C. Pant

7 . A draft of challanges in Education was published in
A. January 1985 B. August 1985
C. May 1986 D. August 1986

8 . In which education system, student was termed as 'Shraman'?
A. Vedic B. Islamic
C. Buddhist D. None of these

9 . On whose leadership is founded the University at Pondicherry?
A. R.N. Tagore B. Swami Vivekananda
C. Sri Aurobindo D. Mahatma Gandhi

10 . The South Asia University is situated in the city of
A. Colombo B. Dhaka
C. New Delhi D. Kathmandu



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