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91 . As per NCTE norms, what should be the pattern of teaching staff for a unit of 100 students at B.Ed. level?
A. 1 + 5 B. 1 + 6
C. 1 + 7 D. 1 + 9

92 . Which of the following commissions suggested silent meditation as a part of moral values?
A. Indian Education Commission
B. Secondary Education Commission
C. National Education Commission
D. University Education Commission

93 . Which of the following is described as Magna-Carta of Indian Education?
A. Wood’s Despatch B. Macaulay Minutes
C. Hunter Commission D. Sargent Commission

94 . District Primary Education Programme (DPEP) was started in
A. 1986 B. 1990
C. 1994 D. 1999

95 . University Education Commission constituted in 1948 was appointed by
A. Ministry of Education
B. Ministry of Human Resource Development



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