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151 . Which section of IT Act deals with Child pornography
A. Section 67A B. Section 67B
C. Section 67C D. Section 67D

152 . The following punishment is mentioned in which section of IT Act 2000 '3 years of imprisonment and/or 5 lakh repees penalty for first conviction & 5 years of imprisonment and/or 10 lakh rupees penalt
A. Section 65 B. Section 66
C. Section 67 D. Section 68

153 . Which are the sections of IT Act applicable for Cyber pornography?
A. 66, 66A, 66B B. 67, 67A, 67B
C. 67, 67C, 67D D. None of the above

154 . Which are the section of the IT Act deals with Credit card fraud?
A. 66, 66C, 66D
B. 42,  67, 67A, 67B
C. 43, 66, 66C, 66D
D. None of the above

155 . Which Act in India focuses on data privacy and information technology
A. IT Act 2000
B. Indian Penal Code
C. IT (amendment) Act 2008
D. Banking Regulation Act 1949



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