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6 . Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) includes:
A. Department of Women and Child Development
B. Department of Elementary Education and Literacy
C. Department of Secondary Education and Higher Education
D. All the above

7 . Which of the following institutions in the field of education is set up by the MHRD Government of India?
A. Mythic Society, Bangalore
B. National Bal Bhawn, New Delhi
C. India International Centre, New Delhi
D. Indian council of world Affair, New Delhi

8 . The University Grants Commission was constituted on the recommendation of:
A. Kothari Commission
B. Sargent Commission
C. Mudaliar Commission
D. Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan Commission

9 . Which one of the following Articles of the Constitution of India safeguards the rights of Minorities to establish and run educational institutions of their own liking?
A. Article 30 B. Article 31
C. Article 32 D. Article 33

10 . Foundation training to the newly recruited IAS (Probationers) is imparted by:
Centre for Advanced Studies
B. Administrative Staff College of India
C. Indian Institute of Public Administration
D. L.B.S. National Academy of Administration



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