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41 . ELA is related to :
A. Environmental Impact Assessment
B. Environmental and Industrial Activities
C. Environmental Internal Activities
D. Environmental Impact Activities

42 . Sustainable development
A. Encourages environmentally economic growth
B. Discourages environmentally economic growth
C. Encourages environmentally harmful and unsustainable forms of economic growth
D. All the above

43 . Smog is combination of
A. Smoke and snow B. Snow and fog
C. Smoke and fog D. All the above

44 . Decreased soil fertility through rapid leaching of the essential mineral nutrients is due to
A. Reforestation
B. Deforestation 
C. Over exploitation
D. Recycling of forest products

45 . Bhopal gas tragedy occurred due to the leakage of
A. Mustard gas  B. Methane gas
C. Sulphur dioxide D. Methyl Isocyanate



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