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31 . Which atmospheric layer is closest to the Earth's surface?
A. Troposphere B. Thermosphere 
C. Stratosphere D. Mesosphere

32 . Earth's body temperature is approximately equal to
A. 16.4°C B. 26.4°C
C. 36.4°C D. 46.4°C

33 . Which of the following is a biotic component of an ecosystem?
A. Fungi
B. Wind 
C. Sunlight
D. Temperature & Water

34 . Amount of carbon dioxide present in atmospheric air is
A. 0.318% B. 0.383%
C. 21% D. 78%

35 . The ideal of sustainable development was defined for the first time by the world commission on environment and development in the year
A. 1985 B. 1986
C. 1987 D. 1988



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