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26 . Which of the following components of the environment are effective transporters of matter?
A. Atmosphere and lithosphere
B. Atmosphere and hydrosphere
C. Lithosphere and thermosphere
D. Hydrosphere and lithosphere

27 . A food web consists of
A. A portion of food chain
B. A set of similar consumers
C. Interlocking of food chains 
D. Producers, consumers and decomposers

28 . Tendency of pollutants to become concentrated in successive tropic levels is known as
A. Biopiracy B. Biorhythm 
C. Bioremediation D. Biomagnification

29 . The Government of India adopted the National Housing and habitat policy in
A. 1995 B. 1996
C. 1997 D. 1998

30 . Social security is one of the most important programmes providing benefits to
A. Un-employee 
B. Worker/employee 
C. Families of deceased
D. All of the above



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