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16 . The term ecosystem was first proposed by
A. Costanza B. Tyler Miller
C. A.G. Tansley D. Jacob Van Verkul

17 . The two major components of ecosystem are
A. Abiotic and biotic
B. Cyclic and biologic
C. Adiabatic and isotropic
D. Ecologic and climatologic 

18 . Biotic components include
A. All living organisms
B. Light, temperature etc
C. Water, mineral and gases
D. Self-nourishing green plants 

19 . The sequence of eating and being eaten in an ecosystem is called
A. food chain  B. carbon cycle
C. sulphur cycle D. hydrological cycle

20 . An animal that feeds upon another animal is
A. producer B. consumer
C. decomposer  D. predator



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