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1 . The human activity, among the following, which causes maximum environmental pollution having regional and global impact, is
A. Industrialization B. Urbanization 
C. Agriculture D. Mining 

2 . The science that deals with the relationship of various organisms with their environment is known as
A. anthropology  B. economics
C. ecology D. geology

3 . Objective of environmental studies is to
A. Create environmental ethics that foster awareness about the ecological inter - dependence of economic, social and political factors in a human community and the environment
B. Acquiring skills to help the concerned individuals in identifying and solving environmental problems
C. Raise consciousness about environmental conditions
D. All of the above

4 . An ecosystem consists of
A. Population
B. A biotic community
C. A population and its non-living elements
D. A biotic ecommunity and its non-living elements

5 . The perfect equilibrium existing in the biosphere between the various organisms is known as
A. Ecological cycle
B. Ecological balance
C. Environmental balance
D. None of these 



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