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41 . Indian society can be divided into various levels of people. Which of the following is not one of those?
A. Hindus B. Lower class
C. Middle class D. Upper class

42 . If in a social set up people are working against others in order to obtain possession, they are said to have
A. Conflict B. Competition
C. Cooperation D. Accommodation

43 . The act of adopting oneself, and one’s behaviour, to the conditions and requirement of the community in which one lives is called social
A. dynamic B. behaviour
C. adaptation D. adjustment

44 . Which of the following can serve as the suitable example of the primary group?
A. Family B. School
C. Church D. Community

45 . Any collection of human beings who are brought into social relationship with one another, is called a/an
A. Office B. Group
C. Family D. Institution



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