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36 . It is industrial rather than other types of economy which most enhances the regard for education, because
A. Industrialization has led to the production of a huge wealth
B. The industrialists belong to the upper class of the society
C. Each country has had tremendous development of industry
D. Modern industry has become extremely technical, science-based, knowledge- based; and scientific and technical knowledge is gained only through education

37 . A social institution is defined as
A. An institution which serves the society
B. An institution established by the government
C. An institution established for achieving social purposes
D. The totality of relationships processes and facilities which people develop to meet a specific social interest or need

38 . Our social institutions are frequently in conflict with one another. Which is not the possible reason?
A. They are established by people for meeting their needs
B. They are so complex that they are only partially understood by many people
C. People’s points of view with regard to their functioning or value may vary greatly
D. Different individuals and groups with different needs are associated with them for quite different reasons

39 . The social institution that men create should be the best because
A. Best institutions are liked by all in the society
B. Poor institutions will make people still poorer
C. Poor institutions are always ineffective and corrupt
D. Poor schools, poor churches, weak and indecisive government will have a negative effect on the society which brings them into being

40 . A level in society made up of people similar in certain respect is known as
A. Social class B. Social order
C. Social system D. Social hierarchy



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