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31 . Religious education in some forms is essential because it
A. Makes good life in a good society
B. Develops essential values in children
C. Provides children with desirable knowledge
D. Is the foundation stone on which rests the success of a democratic society

32 . Which is incorrect about the school as a social institution?
A. It stands for the satisfaction of the needs of the pupils who come for schooling
B. It has to teach about the social order and its institutions in its instructional activities
C. As it stands for the good life in general, it is the critic of society and all its institutions
D. It stands for the professional ideals of the community rather than the ideals it practices and tolerates

33 . Which of the following type of economy places higher value on education?
A. Industrial economy B. Agricultural economy
C. Commercial economy D. Mixed economy

34 . Earlier educational values were lower and less wide-spread in an agrarian than in an industrial society. This was not because
A. The agrarian society would get little time to take off to attend school
B. Education served no purpose for them as they needed no knowledge
C. The agrarian society was always in need of hard physical labour and long hours of work instead of education
D. The agrarian society needed no employment for their members outside agriculture for which education is necessary

35 . Today agrarian society calls for considerably more schooling than formerly because
A. The farmers have become wiser now
B. Agriculture is now considered by farmers more dignified a calling
C. The farmers have greater interaction with the people in the cities who motivate them to go to schools
D. Agriculture has become a science which together with its mechanization calls for scientific knowledge



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