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26 . Which of the following is not correct about the role of government in schooling?
A. It will be affected by neither of the foregoing conditions
B. It will swell if schooling affects larger domains of the public interest and welfare
C. It will diminish if schooling affects smaller domains of the public interest and welfare
D. It will swell if the institutional arrange­ments in the society become more and more inter-dependent

27 . As a social institution, the essential function of the family is
A. Producing children
B. Increasing community’s population
C. Rearing of children during their immaturity
D. Imparting formal education at the initial stages of life

28 . Which of the following is not a correct statement about children’s education in the family?
A. The parents willy-nilly produce
B. Criminality is taught to children by their parents
C. The rearing of children by the family is a form of education
D. Parents inevitably modify the behaviour of their children in one direction or another

29 . Caring for the cultivation of emotional health of children is as important for the schools as caring for the cultivation of their intellect, not because
A. The family is not competent enough to do that
B. Rearing of children in most families is defective
C. There cannot be any other social institution which can be entrusted with this job
D. The family, being ignorant of the principles of emotional health, can do nothing about it.

30 . “Religion has an indispensable place in the good life and the good society.” This is not supported by the argument that religion
A. Alone can prevent wars in the world and bring peace as a consequence
B. Alone can make people more spiritual, more devoted, more loving and more perfect
C. Can teach values to the community which are essential for good life and good society
D. Can provide for common worship and religious orientation to the universe as a whole bringing unity and peace



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