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21 . Education provided to the child by the schools is
A. Formal B. Informal
C. Traditional D. Highly standardized

22 . Value conflicts in the minds of school children are often created by
A. Unruly students
B. Maladjusted teachers
C. Conflicting laws of the country
D. Conflicting value systems of the home and the school

23 . Resolving children’s conflicts caused by contradictory value systems of the home and the schools is
A. Easy
B. Very easy
C. Impossible
D. Difficult but not impossible

24 . Communities do not exert pressures on educational systems in the following way
A. Through revolts
B. Through agitations
C. Through legislation
D. Debates and discussions

25 . Control of the Government over education is unavoidable because
A. The government is all powerful
B. The very term “govern” means control
C. The government is empowered to exercise control by the people themselves
D. Education costs money; and money can be provided by the government only



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