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16 . It is implied in the “Social nature” of education that it
A. Educates the child for citizenship
B. Ensures desirable socialisation of the child
C. Enables the individual to find a job for himself
D. Ensures the development of child’s potentialities

17 . Which of the following does not influence the process of education?
A. Social class structures
B. Political organization of the society
C. The upper middle class of the society
D. The culture of the society and its social institutions

18 . Which one of the following social institutions of India does not have a profound effect on education?
A. The family
B. The religion
C. The government
D. The business class organisation

19 . Which of the following statements is not true about the family?
A. It is an essential agency for socializing and rearing the child
B. It is the only socially recognized relationship for child bearing
C. It is the only important agency that introduces the child to the culture of the society
D. It is the only institution of society which caters to the development of child’s personality

20 . What type of education the family imparts to the child?
A. Regular B. Formal
C. Informal D. Deliberate



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