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11 . The least important challenge to Indian education today is presented by the
A. Expanding population
B. High cost of education
C. Poverty of the masses
D. Low return on education

12 . Culture is
A. The sum total of feelings of the people of a group
B. The totality of the inter-relationships of the people of a group
C. The totality of mutual understandings of the people of a group
D. The characteristics and products of the learned behaviour of a group of people

13 . To which type of culture belong attitudes, religious beliefs, moral beliefs and etiquettes?
A. Material culture
B. Industrial culture
C. Intellectual culture
D. Non-material culture 

14 . Social classes and their sub-cultures are most interesting and most important to a student of education because
A. Students belong to different social classes
B. Schools may belong to different social classes
C. Teachers also come from different social classes
D. Social classes differ from one another in many ways which are important for education

15 . High degree of inter-dependence between education and the rest of the society is very much emphasised, not because of
A. Man’s social nature
B. Social nature of education
C. Dramatic changes in the role of government in educational matters
D. Increasing number of students, requiring increasing financial support



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