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6 . Specialisation and further distinctions in making a living within a given economy, within an industrial economy makes
A. A greater demand for better education
B. A demand for better man-machine facilities
C. Many kinds of pressures on the expan­sion of education
D. A demand for specialized courses and training programmers such as management training, etc.

7 . The nature of the differences in socio­economic strata of the society such as the wealthy, middle class and the poor is that it
A. Affects adversely the quality of educa­tion
B. Affects negatively the morale of the teachers
C. Vitiates the socio-emotional climate of the schools
D. Runs quite frequently at cross purposes in the demands they make on education

8 . What is the result of the existence of different socio-economic strata in the society with various class interests?
A. Creating a lot of politics in the school
B. Causing a lot of indiscipline in the classroom
C. Generating a lack of responsibility in the teachers
D. Setting up mutually incompatible tensions in the educational programme

9 . The least hindrance in the way of the optimum development of child’s personality is
A. Incompetent teachers
B. Free education for all and equal opportu­nity
C. Limited economic surplus that could be spent on education
D. Mad scramble among various social groups for getting as much of the goods of education as possible

10 . Educational Sociology deals with which aspect of education?
A. Social B. Political
C. Economic D. Psychological



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