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1 . Application of principles of sociology to education is known as
A. Educational sociology
B. Sociology of education
C. Social science of education
D. Social foundations of education

2 . Schools are social institutions because they
A. Are established by the society
B. Suggest solutions to social problems
C. Suggest ways and means of social progress
D. Preserve and instill in future generations the knowledge, ideas, and customs of our culture

3 . "Educational Sociology is the study of the interaction of the individual and his cultural environment.” This was stated by
A. Carter B. Brown
C. Skinner D. Ottoway

4 . Educational sociology is study of those phases of sociology that are significance for educative processes, specially the study of those point to valuable programmers of learning & control of learning
A. Carter B. Brown
C. Ottoway D. T.P. Munn

5 . Which of the following is not correct about schools?
A. They are powerful instruments of social change
B. They are social agencies of cultural transmission
C. They are potential agents of conflicts and disintegration
D. They are necessarily affected by the social and economic situations and changes in our civilisation



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