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31 . Which school maintained: “Natural impulses of the child are of great importance and are good in themselves” ?
A. Romantic Naturalism
B. Biological Naturalism
C. Mechanical Naturalism
D. Naturalism of physical science

32 . Which branch of philosophy examines issues pertaining to the nature of “reality” ?
A. Axiology B. Ontology
C. Metaphysics D. Epistemology

33 . On what is based the need for teaching philosophy of education?
A. All pupils are not alike
B. Different ways of teaching-learning
C. Different systems of education found in different countries
D. Different philosophies expressed different points of view on every aspect of education

34 . What is the goal of education according to Idealism?
A. Realisation of moral values
B. Satisfaction of human wants
C. Perfect adaptation to the environment
D. Cultivation of dynamic, adaptable mind which will be resourceful and enterprising in all situations

35 . The aim of education according to the Existentialists is
A. Objective knowledge
B. Adaptation to practical life
C. A good understanding of the world outside
D. Humanitarian and humanist self- realization



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