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26 . Which is not Naturalism’s aim of Education?
A. To inculcate ethical and moral values in the pupils
B. Education is the notion of man’s evolution from lower forms of life
C. To equip the individual or the nation for the struggle for existence so as to ensure survival
D. To help the pupils to learn to be in harmony with and well-adapted to their surroundings

27 . Which school held the view, “God makes all things good; man meddles with and they become evil” ?
A. Marxism B. Naturalism
C. Pragmatism D. Existentialism

28 . Which school maintained self-expression with the accompanying cries of “no interference”, “no restraints”?
A. Truest form of Naturalism
B. Extreme form of Naturalism
C. Most valid form of Naturalism
D. Most widely accepted form of Naturalism

29 . Which is not the nature of philosophy?
A. It is a science of knowledge
B. It is the totality of man’s creative ideas
C. It is a planned attempt on search for the truth
D. It is a collective ensemble of various viewpoints

30 . Which branch of philosophy deals with knowledge, its structure, method and validity?
A. Logic B. Aesthetics
C. Metaphysics D. Epistemology



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