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21 . Who raised the slogan “Back to Nature”?
A. Realism B. Naturalism
C. Pragmatism D. Existentialism

22 . Which statement is not correct about Naturalism?
A. A reaction against a mere study of books and linguistic forms
B. A reaction against the degenerated humanism of the Renaissance period
C. A reaction against sophistication, artificiality and paraphernalia in education
D. None of these

23 . Who said, “Reverse the usual practice and you will almost always do right” ?
A. Plato B. Dewey
C. Rousseau D. Mahatma Gandhi

24 . “Human institutions are one mass of folly and contradiction.” Whose statement is this?
A. Dewey B. Rousseau
C. Bernard Shaw D. Ravinder Nath Tagore

25 . According to which school of philosophy of education, exaltation of individual’s persona­lity is a function of education?
A. Marxism
B. Idealism
C. Idealism and Marxism both
D. Pragmatism



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