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16 . Which educational activity is most desirable to the pragmatist?
A. That is beneficial effect upon the future experiences of the pupil
B. Approximates the goals which educatio­nal scientists have set up
C. Results from the indiscrimination of the pupil in democratic theory
D. That characterizes by spontaneous, active, continuously pleasurable and practical for the pupil

17 . What is the view point of progressive educators regarding the issue of liberal vs. vocational education?
A. Vocational ends load one to degrade learning
B. All subjects should have a vocational orientation
C. Liberal arts subject should proceed vocational training
D. Vocational and liberal education should not be separated

18 . Who was the supporter of Naturalism in Education?
A. Frolbel B. Rosseau
C. Armstrong D. John Locke

19 . What do you mean by curriculum?
A. Sum total of the annual study
B. A child learns through curriculum
C. Sum total of the activities of a school
D. Indicates the course to be taught by the teachers to the students throughout the year

20 . Which system of education was propounded by Mahatma Gandhi?
A. Teaching through listening, meditation etc.
B. Teaching through music
C. Teaching by activities
D. All of these



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