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11 . What is the main centre of informal Education?
A. Family B. Society
C. Radio and Television D. All of the above

12 . Which is the first school for a child’s education?
A. School B. Family
C. Friends D. Society

13 . Which one of the following education systems supports scientific progress?
A. Naturalistic Education
B. Idealistic Education
C. Realistic Education
D. None of these

14 . What is the meaning of lesson plan?
A. To read the lesson before teaching it
B. To prepare the list of questions to be asked
C. To prepare all that the teacher wants to teach in a limited period
D. To prepare detailed answers of all the questions to be asked in the class

15 . On what depends the values of an educational experience in the eyes of the idealist?
A. The extent to which it satisfies pupil desires
B. The manner in which it affects future experience
C. Whether or not it preserves accepted institutions
D. Whether or not the pupil has been properly motivated



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