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6 . What is the place of principal in an edu­cational institute?
A. Owner of the school
B. Founder of the school
C. Manager of the school
D. Overall head of the school

7 . If a student failed in any class what should be done to him?
A. He should be kept in the same class
B. He should be advised to leave studies
C. He should be given a chance to improve and sent to the next class after he improves
D. All the above methods are right

8 . Why are curriculum activities used in teaching?
A. To assist the teacher
B. Make teaching easy
C. To make teaching attractive
D. To make teaching interesting, easy to understand and effective

9 . What are the three components of the educational process?
A. Direction, instruction and skill
B. Teaching, learning and practice
C. Teacher, student and education
D. Education, teacher and books

10 . What is teaching through deductive method?
A. From easy to difficult
B. From macro to micro
C. From general to specific
D. From specific to general



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