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1 . What is the origin of the word Education?
A. Word 'Educate'
B. Edu and 'Catum'
C. ‘E’ and ‘Catum’
D. None of these

2 . Which of the following statements is correct?
A. Education is an art
B. Education is a science
C. It is neither an art nor science
D. To some extent it is art and to some extent it is science

3 . What is called education acquired without any specific purpose, fixed period and place?
A. Formal Education B. Informal Education
C. Indirect Education D. Individual Education

4 . Which one of the following sentences is correct about the nature of teaching?
A. It is remedial
B. It is diagnostic
C. It is diagnostic as well as remedial
D. All the above statements are correct

5 . What is the compulsory element of learning?
A. Tendency to know B. Ability to read
C. Bright Mind D. None of these



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