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26 . The process of communication enhances through:
A. belongingness
B. security and freedom to make choices
C. informality of meeting and avoidance of pressure
D. all of these

27 . SITE stands for
A. South Indian Trade Estate
B. Satellite Instructional Television Experiment
C. System for International Technology and Engineering
D. None of these

28 . A student helps a teacher to solve the problem while the teacher was delivering the lecture. He was
A. a realistic listener
B. an emphatic listener
C. an evaluative listener
D. an informational listener

29 . Which of the following can not be a good way of communication in promoting literacy among villagers?
A. Providing material on TV and film projector
B. Large group discussion
C. Reading and writing
D. Demonstration

30 . Educational TV was first introduced in India in the year
A. 1960 B. 1961
C. 1962 D. 1963



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