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21 . Which of the following skills has the largest share in communication time in schools/colleges?
A. Writing B. Reading
C. Speaking D. Listening

22 . Which of the following teachers will you like most?
A. One who uses chart and maps
B. One who uses board occasionally
C. One who uses motion picture as a last resort
One who uses film projector along with the proper use of the board

23 . The main purpose of evaluative listening is
A. to accept or reject an idea given to the listener
B. to evaluate the speaker's credibility and personality
C. both of above
D. none of these

24 . CHEER stands for
A. Child Health Education Electronic Recording
B. Children Enrichment Education Through Radio
C. Children for Engineers and Energy Requirement
D. None of the above

25 . The most important aspect of communication- listening, can be improved by
A. making the attention fully paid
B. making voice effective and impressive
C. making the communicated material novel-interesting and need based
D. all of these



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