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16 . Visualization in the instructional process can not increase
A. stress and boredom
B. interest and motivation
C. retention and adaptation
D. curiosity and concentration

17 . The latest development in the hardware technology is the introduction of
A. M channels B. Z channels
C. FM channels D. Star channels

18 . Software computer can not be used
A. for demonstration
B. for reading and writing
C. as a machine for evaluating students progress
D. as a systematic programmed learning techniques

19 . Overhead projector is superior to short circuit TV in a classroom teaching because
A. it is easy to use
B. it is cheap and self devised
C. information presented though it is easily retained
D. pictures in it may be shown in a desired sequence and with a minimum of lost motion (material)

20 . All of the following are the limitations of televised Instruction except
A. it does not permit the exchange of ideas between the teachers and taught
B. it does not properly help the students in making the materials clearly understood
C. experts consume much time in planning and preparation of the programme
D. televised lesson moves at a fixed speed and thus can not take the individual differences of students into account



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