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6 . Which of the following groups of students can be most benefited computer based education programme?
A. Small group of low IQ
B. Heterogeneous groups in IQ
C. Large group of moderate intelligence
D. All of the above

7 . Which of the following is not a successful communicator?
A. One who presents material in a precise and clear way.
B. One who knows a lot but is somewhat reserve in his attitude.
C. One who sometimes becomes informal before the receiver and develops rapport
D. One who is able to adapt himself according to the language of the communicatee

8 . Closed circuit television is useful
A. for large group communication
B. only for poor students of the class
C. only for a restricted audience residing at a particular place
D. none of the above

9 . Which of the following teachers will you like most?
A. a teacher who often amuses his students
B. a teacher of highly idealist philosophy
C. a disciplined teacher
D. a loving teacher

10 . Televised educational programme is useful because
A. it affords the opportunity for large audience in the same auditorium or in different locations to view it clearly
B. it can magnify the microscopic forms of life and can be presented on TV
C. it can present the natural phenomenon of the world in natural form
D. all of these



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