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41 . For a teacher teaching a class wit large strength, which of the techniques is best?
A. Lecture and class notes
B. Group work with a lecture
C. Debate, discussions, practicals
D. Self study and asking questions

42 . Talking and indiscipline in classroom is an indication of ____________
A. Indisciplined students
B. Confusion about things taught
C. Not summarising lecture points
D. Boredom casued by repetitiveness

43 . You have a mixed class of boys and girls. Which method would you adopt to improve co-operation between them?
A. Talking about equality in lessons
B. Asking parents to discuss equality
C. Making boys and girls share a bench
D. Setting tasks which have to be done together

44 . You are training in public speaking and debate. Which of the following characteristics can you not expect to develop?
A. Concept 
B. Voice modulation
C. Control over emotions
D. Using language creatively

45 . What is the use of text book in a class?
A. Set new standards
B. To delimit what is to be taught
C. To explain ideas and concepts
D. To achieve learning objectives



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