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36 . A teacher should encourage the students to _____________________________.
A. Obey teacher's command
B. Submit home-work on time
C. Improve their own capabilities
D. Score best grades in the class

37 . How can a teacher develop creativity in himself and the learners?
A. Set new tasks
B. By praising any creative work
C. By playing thought provoking games
D. By giving new up-to-date information

38 . What is the best way for a teacher to resolve the problems in a class?
A. Ask for other teacher's opinion
B. Depends on one's own opinion
C. Use the view that Principal gives
D. Think on suggestions offered by the children and implement the good ones

39 . How would you make your students independent?
A. Ignoring their petty fights
B. Solving their problems for them
C. Give responsibility to everyone
D. Giving orders and expecting obedience

40 . Why is 'learning by doing' important?
A. Maintains discipline
B. Keeps children busy
C. Promotes meaningful learning
D. It develops interest among children



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