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26 . _______ is the apex institution involved in the planned and coordinated development of the teacher education system in the country.
C. NCERT D. None of these

27 . What makes an adolescent revolt against Authority?
A. He thinks that he is mature enough
B. He thinks that he is intelligent enough
C. He believes that he does not need any advice
D. His want for recognition and independence of thought and action

28 . You want to develop cooperation and team spirit in students? Which activities would you propose?
A. Art B. Quiz
C. Debate D. Project work

29 . What is the main purpose of punishment to students?
A. Reform the offender
B. Demonstrate authority
C. Protect others from doing the same
D. Retaliate for the wrong that has been done

30 . Why is Environment Awareness necessary at all stages of education?
A. Important for human survival
B. Environment varies from region to region
C. Man must control and change environment
D. None of the above



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