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21 . You want to ensure participation of more students in class. Which of the following methods of teaching would you adopt?
A. Role-play B. Recitation
C. Discussion D. Demonstration

22 . To make learning effective, a goal must be meaningful in terms ______
A. Intellectual ideas
B. Standards of others
C. Objectives of the curriculum
D. The needs and purposes of students

23 . Which of the following items of information are important about students to motivate them for studies?
A. Personality
B. Learning style
C. Socio-cultural background
D. All of the above

24 . ________ is the process in which you identify the common aspects or basic relationships in a variety of specific situations?
A. Reasoning B. Abstraction
C. Generalization D. Problem Solving

25 . If you want to improve the ability to observe in children, which of the following would you recommend?
A. Sharpening the senses
B. Training mental faculties
C. Generating interest in subject
D. Developing a framework for experiences



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