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16 . The _____ amendement got "Fundamental Duties" added to the Constitution of India?
A. 41st Amendment B. 42nd Amendment
C. 43rd Amendment D. 44th Amendment

17 . Cause and effect relationships are studied by _____ studies.
A. Clinical B. Comparative
C. Experimental D. Developmental

18 . The development of a student's personality is affected the most by __________.
A. Discipline at institute
B. Emotional climate at home
C. Inherited assets and liabilities
D. Social orientation of peers and elders

19 . Which of the following situations would the best for maximum transfer of learning?
A. Similar tasks requiring different responses
B. Similar tasks requiring the same response
C. Different tasks requiring different responses
D. Different tasks requiring the same response

20 . Which one of the following is the most important elements in teaching?
A. Subject matter
B. Student's knowledge
C. Teaching techniques and aids used
D. Relationship between teachers and students



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