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11 . On which list is education in Indian Constitution?
A. State list
B. Central list
C. Concurrent list
D. None of the above 

12 . Computer Assisted Instruction is based on ________ principle
A. Operant Conditioning
B. Classical Conditioning
C. Pavlovian Conditioning
D. Respondent Conditioning

13 . Which of the following is Doordarshan's Educational Television Channel?
A. Vidya B. Gurukul
C. Gyan Bharati D. Gyan Darshan

14 . Which of the following affects an individual's development at a given time?
A. Their experiences
B. Inherited potentitalities
C. Interaction of nature and nurture
D. Social pressure on the individual

15 . For __________, 'Experimentation' the standard procedure to know the truth?
A. Science
B. Geography
C. Archeology
D. Public Administration



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