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81 . If your purpose is ___________, group work is not a good idea.
A. Division of work and responsibility
B. To overcoming learning difficulties
C. To improve coordination and sharing
D. To identify different aspects of a problem

82 . 'Generation gap' refers to ___________________.
A. Problems of teenagers
B. Attitude of adults to teenagers
C. The growing awareness of adolescents
D. Difference in values of different age groups

83 . Choice of a vocation depends ___________
A. Ease of admission
B. Interest and skills of the learner
C. Subjects a student learnt at school
D. Income generated by the occupation

84 . ________ is suitable to slow learners.
A. Role playing
B. Creative writing
C. Learning by rote
D. Mechanical repetition of an action

85 . Why should a teacher be an idealist and set examples?
A. Teacher is an adult
B. Teacher is a paternal figure
C. Students do not have values
D. Students usually imitate teachers



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