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76 . Exams are held to _________.
A. Assess learners skills
B. Identify learning problems
C. Identify the level of learning
D. Rank students for selection

77 . Which of the following policies was introduced in 1975?
A. Macauly Report
B. Radhakrishnan Report
C. Kothari Commission Report
D. Curriculum for the 10 year school

78 . The purpose of the textbook is to provide _________
A. A material to teachers to base teaching on
B. Reading and reference materials for the teachers
C. A learning material based on a syllabus to a learner
D. A material forming the basis and content for examinations

79 . What is the purpose of the assignments in the text book?
A. To aid teachers
B. To provide practice to the learners
C. To act as a guidance for the unit tests
D. To helpd learner revise and review the chapter

80 . The aim of the Charter Act of 1813 was _________
A. To spend money on education
B. To spread education worldwide
C. Government control on education
D. To make English education common



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